• L'Agent Love ♥

    So although I'm a big fan of good old Agent Provocateur, I'm beginning to favour their little sister label L'Agent more these days. I dunno, maybe it's the colour palettes or the fact that they have more sheer wired bras than I've ever seen - my all-time favourite type of bra by the way - but the fact that this range is more affordable too pretty much seals the deal. Anyone can knock out a mesh bralette but a beautifully structured wired mesh bra takes some design and skill to make it work. L'Agent have it nailed! I've been creeping on the site tonight and already I am in luuurve...

    Dorotia wired slip...are you kidding me? A wired slip?! Gorgeous idea and although black lingerie can be a little same old same old, the pop of orange is the cutest thing in the world. I'd probably get the wired bra and briefs too but don't overlook the neon fuchsia colour in these! Pow. 

    Ahhh, the Rubi body in printed mesh. Yes, printed mesh, now we're talking. Animal print mesh no doubt, stunning! The colours keep this one cute and the underwiring makes this little number another favourite. Only thing that ruins this a little bit is the zip at the's black so very visible through the mesh, which is a shame :( 

    Not to worry, though. Just get this instead...

    My underwear drawer is drooling right now. Look at that lace trim, gah! 

    Have I convinced you yet? Go, go, go! NOW!

  • edge o' beyond

    Only just discovered this gorgeous British brand this week and already wanting almost everything on their site. And these girls are clever cos all their lingerie has little gold plated rings sewn into them so you can add their matching jewellery - or I guess any jewellery you like really. I mean, how cool? Some pretty lovely lacework going on, attention to detail is first class. After poking around on the site this afternoon, here are a few of my wants...♥

    Image credits to edge o' beyond. 

    Please check out if you're feeling it too...yum.


  • My god, Myla!

    Yep, they've done it again. Just when I think I can't be any more in love with Myla, they go and create something as beautiful as their Maisy collection. Pastel stretch lace in a baby blue (YESS!) trimmed with black. In fact they do the whole collection in just black if that's your thing. But the blue...stunning!

    But my favourite piece has to be this high apex bra...look at the detail for God's sake! *thud* This could be the prettiest bra I have ever seen. Don't even mention the matching mini briefs, also outstanding. I think I just died. 

    The downside? This set would hoover up £175 of my non-existent moneys so looks like I'll be waiting for the sale...unless someone is verrrrry kind to me this Christmas! :) View the collection here by the way. 

  • Keep on keepin' on...

    It goes without saying my original plan was to launch this site in early September, but certain things blowing up in my life at the time have put me way behind schedule. No matter, I'm still powering through and now this thing is up and running, the only thing left to finish is the actually having items to put in it. I'm getting there, just waiting on some size tags and grading some sizes - the latter is not exactly a party where lingerie is concerned so just hang fire. 

  • Oh my branding...

    ...and I'm in love with my new swing tags, courtesy of the wonderful Solopress. Had a few quotes before I could get someone to do the die cut shape I wanted at a reasonable price, for 500 of the little buggers. Who knew swing tags were so costly by the way? They cost more than my fabric and trims combined but they were so worth it. Not looking forward to threading them all with ribbon though...anyone want to help?! Ugh. 

    Ahhh, what a sight for sore eyes...♥